Should Christians Take The Jab? This Is A Question That Every Believer In Jesus Christ Should Ponder

Honestly, I don’t believe that anyone who calls themselves a follower of Jesus Christ should place their trust in any system of this world. The medical system, operated by the World Health Organization, is part of the United Nations. The U.N.’s main objective is to control the people of the world and enforce the satanic New World Order global agenda. Their agenda is Antichrist which means that all things ‘Christ’ will be persecuted and ultimately eliminated under their authoritarian rule.

If such an organization exists then why would any Christian put their trust in the hands of the enemy? For crying out loud, The emblem on the W.H.O. logo is a serpent engulfing the entire globe(there’s more to the medical symbol than most people realize).

The truth of the matter is The Jab changes your DNA, The Very Program that God intentionally designed will be altered. And if you willingly offer yourself to be ‘saved’ by the Vaccine, well then, you have to answer to God about that.

Here is the article that caused me to write this commentary: Shepherds heart

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